Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

  • Drains - Drains are fixtures that provide an exit-point for unwanted water to be taken away, either to a more useful area, funnelled into a receptacle, or run into the sewers as waste. Our 'drain camera' allows us to service drains of all varieties with the ability to locate and repair leaks, unblock clogs, or determine the need to install a new drainage 'system'.
  • Faucets - The faucet is a valve that controls the release of liquids or gas. There are several types of faucets, though cartridge is the most common. Generally, faucet problems occur with parts like the aerator (which breaks the water stream in to droplets), or the cartridge, which - depending on your water's purity - will be affected by wear and tear over the years.
  • Garbage Disposals - Garbage disposals seem to take care of all the dirty work for us when it comes to getting rid of unwanted food. They shred food waste into pieces small enough {generally less than 2 mm (0.079 in)} to pass through the plumbing system. If yours is clogged or leaking call the team at Just Plumbing Services, Inc. today!
  • Sinks - Every establishment has sinks in their bathroom(s) and kitchen(s) for hand-washing, and quite often, dishwashing. Whether your sink is leaking, having a draining problem, or just too small, we can help. We can remedy leaky pipes, unclog drains, or install a new larger sink - if that's what you need.
  • Bidets - Despite appearing similar to a toilet, it would be more accurate to compare the bidet to the washbasin or bathtub. We can install a bidet, or make repairs to the one you already have. From leaks to poor draining and replacing worn out hardware such as washers or the strainer - you can rely on us to make it right.
  • Toilets - The toilet is not as simple as it looks; there is a lot going on inside. In addition to the commonly known parts (hand lever, tank, flapper, float), there is an overflow tube, a siphon tube, a flush valve seal, and others. When any part of the toilet is not functioning properly, you can trust our team for a diagnosis and speedy resolution!
  • Urinals - Found attached to walls in most public restrooms, urinals are typically installed for effiency; there are no additional doors, no locks, and no seat; they also take less space and consume less water per flush than a toilet. The crew at Just Plumbing Services, Inc. can install new urinals in your establishment, or remedy leaks, clogs, and/or line problems.