Commercial Plumbing - General Services

  • Multi-housing - At Just Plumbing Services, Inc., we offer our complete range plumbing services to multi-housing units, including apartment/condo complexes, multi-family dwellings, senior housing, and student housing.
  • Reverse
    Osmosis -
    Tap water often contains impurities such as phosphate, nitrate, chlorine, and various heavy metals. Though not harmful when with-in regulations, they can have an effect on the water's taste. Reverse Osmosis *is usually* *can be* installed under the sink to purify your home's drinking water.
  • Safety
    Inspections -
    Most insurance companies recommend annual plumbing inspections. Our team is trained to identify potential problems with your pipe system, hot and cold water supplies, water shut-offs, and more. After any problem areas have been identified, we will recommend the best course of action to keep your property in top condition.
  • Tenant
    Improvement -
    If you are ready to upgrade one (or more) fixtures, or completely remodel your bathroom or kitchen, the team at Just Plumbing Services, Inc. has the ability and means to complete a design that meets your needs, in a timely manner.
  • Water
    Pressure -
    Is your water pressure too low? Too high? How can you tell? Typically, you can feel when it's too low and, most often, you will be able to hear (and sometimes see) that it is too high. If your pipes vibrate or make a 'banging' sound, known to us as "water hammer", or if you have recurring leaks in your pipes, valves, and/or faucets call us first!
  • Water
    Softeners -
    Over 80% of the water in America is 'hard', or high in mineral content. While hard water poses no health risk, it will build up in your pipes, water heater, shower heads, coffee-maker, etc. We can test your water and install a water treatment system to extend the life of your plumbing.
  • Water
    Contaminants -
    (The primary cause?) of water contamination is backflow - an unwanted flow of water in the wrong direction. While preventable, this can be a common occurance in establishments with pools, spas, or water features. Our plumbing technicians are able to locate potential problem areas, and provide solutions such as air gaps or check valves to prevent contaminants and pollutants from backflowing to your drinking water source.