Residential Plumbing - Pipes

  • Drain
    Cleaning -
    When any drain becomes clogged, it can be more than just bothersome. Whether the blockage is in your bathroom or kitchen sink, shower or tub drain, toilet, or floor drain, we can get the water moving again. We are also able to clear stoppages in your main sewer line.
  • Gas & Water
    Pipes -
    We service both water and gas pipes. Whether you have copper, steel, or plastic (PVC) piping, our plumbing technicians can seal small leaks, make repairs, and - in severe cases - completely replace damaged gas and water pipes.
    If you have a major leak, be sure to shut off your water or gas using the main control valve.
  • Leak
    Locating -
    Our team members are able to locate, diagnose, and repair your plumbing problems, including leaky, cracked, or burst pipes, clogged drains, broken tapware (faucets, spouts, and shower heads), low water pressure, and water contamination. We also offer gas leak detection.
  • Polybutylene
    Repiping -
    Once called "the pipe of the future", polybutylene is no longer accepted by United States building codes. Due to deterioration likely caused by chlorine compounds in our drinking water, polybutylene pipes will fail - often accompanied by a wet spot on your ceiling, walls, or floor. Call the crew at Just Plumbing for a (free) estimate at (480) 232-7055.
  • Valves - It is normal plumbing practice to install a valve on each water supply line before the fixture, and this is most commonly termed a stop valve. Kitchen sinks, tubs and showers usually have supply tubes built onto their valves which then are soldered or 'fast jointed' directly onto the water supply pipes.
  • Underground
    Utilities -
    We offer underground plumbing including sewer hook-ups, line repairs, and sewer line replacements with full-service excavation for larger residential projects, large commercial projects, and developers. We can also locate leaks in your underground water or gas lines.
  • Water
    Main -
    The water main is the principal supply pipe in an arrangement of pipes for distributing water to your property. Most often, the problem with the water main is a loss in pressure. Any of our team members is able to diagnose and remedy problems with main lines. Rest assured, the service will include clean-up once repairs are made!